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"WOW! What an incredible story. What a wonderful way to understand and reflect on our own queer histories which have helped to form us into the adults we are today. Even if you aren't queer or don't identify with the LQBTQIA+ community, you may find yourself having a deeper understanding of the hurdles young people go through as they learn from the surrounding world." -Goodreads Reviewer

"Chavez’s sensory memories of the landscape, food, and cultural traditions of his boyhood still seem crisp. Likewise, the traumatic events of those times still tingle with emotion. With deep compassion for his younger self, he shows how hope and determination enabled him to survive. " --Bronwyn Hughes, author of Swing Bridge Stories

"The Light of a Cuban Son is a poignant historical novel about a young man’s turbulent coming-of-age during a time of revolution." –Dontaná McPherson-Joseph, Foreword Reviews

“In The Light of a Cuban Son, Lorenzo Chavez expresses the cultural and religious expectations that haunt the sexual awakening most queer individuals must learn to discover on our own before finding true love within ourselves. Chavez is an exciting new voice in our LGBTQ and Latinx literary community.” –Emanuel Xavier, author & activist

"Unapologetically, the novel tackles difficult subjects with honesty and a keen awareness of a time and place when being one’s true self was the biggest sin of all." -Jer Long, author of Pollyanna Gay

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