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In this semi-autobiographical novel set in mid 20th century Cuba, I wrote about Martín Cruz, a boy determined to stay true to who he is and find happiness against all odds.


Told in a series of first-person vignettes, Martín's story covers a wide swath of the Cuban landscape and people, taking the reader from the lush greens and fertile soils of the countryside to the dark underbelly of a Havana as full of depravity as it is neon lights.


After suffering a series of heartbreaking abuses, Martín struggles to find his way and claim his identity as a young gay man in an impoverished neighborhood.


When the Revolution slowly begins to claim everything Martín holds dear, he takes a desperate leap of faith-one that could cost him his life.


Martín's coming of age story is one of courage and the rebirth of a brave young man who refuses to hide his light.