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The Untold Want

The untold want by life and land ne’er granted,

Now voyager sail thou forth to seek and find

—Walt Whitman


I have always been an observer, an explorer and a storyteller.

As a young boy and inspired by old Hollywood movies such as Robin Hood or Prince Valiant, I penned extraordinary tales of heroes rescuing loved ones in distress. 

But most of all, I cherished writing about the summers at my maternal grandparents' farm where no one bullied me, and no man ever desired me. 

Alone there, surrounded by Cuba’s beautiful countryside, away from the chaos of my Havana home, I would discover my perseverance and strength.

My own personal story is quite typical, arriving in New York City at seventeen after a two-year exile in Spain without any money, not knowing the language and lacking the skills to step into a world unlike anything that I had ever known. 

Nonetheless, and like immigrants always do, I found a way to assimilate, making it to college and building a professional and personal life for myself.


Today, I live in Virginia, USA, with his husband of over twenty-five years and a spirited Corgi Mix named Lucy Honeychurch in honor of E. M. Forster’s protagonist in A Room with a View.

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